Sunday, January 31, 2016

on the 31st day of January

it was beautiful  --- warm, sunny and just plan fabulous.

Ruby all tucked in for the winter.
Dad put the "blanket" on her ....
that would be melting snow and mud.
hmmm-- I don't like muddy paws.
and the patch --- I trekked out there for fresh air ...

Friday, January 29, 2016

the future

so yesterday,  I spent a couple of hours with the Ag Class at the high school.  5 bright, articulate, imaginative, polite seniors.  I was impressed.  I was invited by their teacher (who was teaching biology when I was there 37 years ago) to speak on agricultural tax issues. 

It was fun.  I can't wait to go back -- they've been given a "project" and well, we'll be assisting them on the finance / tax / cash flow aspects of it. 

Our conversation ranged from land use / zoning issues, alternative energy sources, diversification of commodities, cultural shift in our populations -- and how to feed those populations ---

It was a fast two hours ....

and ... there was a bit of tax chat too ....



Wednesday, January 27, 2016


well my love/hate relationship with w2's and 1099 preparation has almost come to an end.  I think there are less than 25 1099's to go (6 clients?) and less than 10 w2's to go ...

it is a painful awful detail orientated process.  the recipient copies are all out in the mail.  the 1099's have been uploaded and await processing by a vendor.  the w2's need to be filed with the state and then we can party.

it's a lotta work.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

crazy cat lady fabric

has arrived -- yep fat quarters and yardage.

although there were no "public" new years resolutions posted -- a couple are always lurking --- no new fabric .... blew that one away in the last 10 days ...
above is my crazy cat lady fabric -- has a purpose .... gift purpose, enough typed
joined massdrop yesterday and picked up some amy butler and tula pink .... love love love
the Missouri Quilt Company daily deals were hard to resist
I'm done ... roasted/toasted and broke.

hmm .. you looking at me ...
yep, dude, I was.
so the fuzzies have cleared a bit ... 13 hours of work yesterday -- with a spot of time off for a mini party and this morning it was rise/shine and head to work (at 7:00am) yes, it is Sunday and yes, it was dark -- 9 hours of productivity and NO ringing phones. 
the introvert in me struggles during tax season -- I know it's my gig - but some days I just need to hole up and be me, myself and I
homework tonight -- laundry too, maybe some sewing or crochet ...
Happy last week of January!

Saturday, January 23, 2016


this fuzzy picture is kind of how my overworked/tired/cranky brain has been working lately, so ... to cure the fuzzies .... I ...
1) finished my book instead of getting out of bed this morning.
(5:00am - 7:00am is good reading time)
2) did a load of laundry and put away the clean / dry stuff
3) had Mc D's for breakfast -- drive thru nightmare
(but I got my food - eventually)
and arrived at the office at ....
8:15 ...
where I promptly sorted the piles and prioritized for the weekend.
should assist in clearing up the fuzzies.
It's been a week ...
most, most of the W2's and 1099's are done and out the door
tax returns are flowing in (and missing info)
I finally got a haircut -- I look human
I made it to Thursday water aerobics -- good for the soul
I made it to New Ulm for meeting on Friday ...
I made it to a retirement party for a sheriff's office employee
I worked a lot -- it just doesn't feel like I got a lot done.
fuzzies -- fuzzies -- fuzzies 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Saturday, January 16, 2016

this life i lead

I have a love / hate relationship with preparing client W2 and 1099 forms -- they are a heck of a lot of work -- or at least a lot of work to get them to the printing point --- and I've waivered between love and hate multiple times today.

The goal is to complete all of them over the weekend.  So I'm rolling, rolling, rolling .....

damn things.
mostly hate.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

oh what a week ...

I lead a crazy life from Thanksgiving to late April ... the days roll together and some days I have no flipping idea where I am, what I'm doing or what's happening in the world ...
here's some pictures from Sunday morning of girls weekend.  becky is still ill -- she must have the crud ... we struggled on without her to our appointed "two project rule"

Jean's feet
My feet

Jan in the cold streaming sunlight

some treats from becky --- she spoils us ...

and a magnet from Jan -- I stuck it on my computer -- needless to say it has generated a few comments this week ... keeps 'em thinking.


Sunday, January 10, 2016

ahhhh -- a good time was had by all

  the stamping/scrapping/sewing Divas survived another girls weekend.  -10 degrees this morning.  'twas a chilly one -- my truck really didn't want to start this afternoon -- we'll see if the battery holds out ... still got the original one --

  so my progress for the weekend included --
     binding 5 crib quilts (and most of the have been washed & dried)
     5 hours at the office
     4 more hours of spreadsheet work at the "shack" ..
             I loaded up thumb drives and took my county laptop and worked.
     1 crochet scarf was completed and one more started
     I attempted to teach Diva Jan how to crochet
          ( I'm not a good teacher  but she's got the gist of it. )
 laundry is humming, stuff is carted in from the truck and put away -- clothes are planned out and hung out for the week --

 the weather is going to be nasty cold for a couple more days -- it is the season --

 be smart - stay safe

thanks for the great weekend ladies -- can't wait for the next one --- I'll bring the hand soap.



Saturday, January 9, 2016

Live from the Scrap Shack ...

Yes, I'm blogging live from "My Scrap Shack."  The scraping/stamping Divas and I have our girls weekend. 

It is tradition on girls weekend (1) for it to be COLD, like really COLD, (2) to overeat -- our eyes and tummys don't always communicate well with each other and (3) -- there is always a mechanical breakdown of some sort.

So, yes, it is very cold.  We are eating very well -- Jean made "olive garden" soup and ham sliders for supper last night.  Bex had some kind of fancy oatmeal for breakfast and hot chicken salad casserole is in the oven as I type.  Mechanical issues?  Bex is ill and so far unable to attend.  Although, her other half, Al, delivered the fancy oatmeal this morning. 

So far I have bound 5 of the 7 crib quilts I brought along.  Washed a few dishes, crochet a bit.  I was the dedicated Diva and slept at home last night and went to the office this morning and worked for 5 hours. 

So, back to the crafting. 

Ta Ta

Thursday, January 7, 2016

NY Resolutions

I vowed not to have any resolutions this year ... well, only 2 --

1.  no sweatpants at the office (during the day) and
2.  well, I can't remember #2.

So I've forgot #2 and I'm wearing sweatpants today.  Ka wonk --

Not sleeping well again -- up at 3:00 -- awake 'till 4:30 -- sleep 'til 6:00 ... and then the day starts again ....  hence the sweatpants ... I was once told -- "since you are the boss ...."  yada yada yada

 ps.  #2 was no more fabric.


Monday, January 4, 2016

I LOVE Mondays ...

said on one ever one person who loves a Monday and I'll buy them lunch (on a freeking Monday)
This would be me -- if I had red hair and if I wore earrings. 
WTH -- people are nuts today.
on the bright side -- I did manage to quilt 7 crib quilts last week --- all are prepped, binding cut, thread selected -- and packed for Crafty Girls Weekend or Girls Gone Crafting ... (Women on a Crafty Mission?)

Saturday, January 2, 2016

the long arm was busy ...

I attempted a pin cushion.  I flipped the magnetic one off the back of the long arm table and haven't crawled underneath it to retrieve it -- so this is my attempt.  Filled it with rice -- the next one will have several modifications.

Elder #1 helped me level the long arm last night.  Got to love tools.  He scrounged this hunk of wood in the basement -- hmmm.  It's not perfect but it is much better.

Said long arm in action ... please don't notice the waves ...

I free-handed a figure 8 pattern in the strips ... different - okay, will do it again on a larger scale.

Girls Gone Crafting happens next weekend at the Scrap Shack.  So I wanted to organize my thoughts and projects before I arrived.  The goal of the week was to get 7, yes 7, crib tops quilted .... and I DID.  They are not fancy -- but they are durable. 
At GGC, I will get them bound.  My other projects are finishing up a scrapbook -- hemming some pants, crochet, gossiping, eating and bonding with the divas.

Friday, January 1, 2016


My favorite pictures of 2015
it was a fabulous year in the patch - for many reasons

I've become a "cabin diva" ... loved our time at the lake.
I never thought I'd enjoy checking out of the world for days.

I took this picture the morning Bob died --Bob was a client and family friend
a month before he died he shared a poem on facebook -- it's taped on my wall.
It daily reminds me of the important and not so important things in life.
Ordinarily this would be the post where I shared the RESOLUTIONS for the year -- well, I haven't made the list yet -- it's coming.  I think 2016 should be the year the list get trashed and live for the moment.  Which in my crazy life -- is be entertaining.
Work less -- play more is always on THE list -- efficiency is the way to make that happen. We (yes, we -- I'm not in this rodeo alone) are well on the way to achieving that goal.  The migration to the new server will be almost complete by Sunday ... the conversion to the new software will also be complete by Monday -- both were a lot more work than I anticipated.  The end result is good. 
Happy 2016 -- Make it the best year ever!