Sunday, January 10, 2016

ahhhh -- a good time was had by all

  the stamping/scrapping/sewing Divas survived another girls weekend.  -10 degrees this morning.  'twas a chilly one -- my truck really didn't want to start this afternoon -- we'll see if the battery holds out ... still got the original one --

  so my progress for the weekend included --
     binding 5 crib quilts (and most of the have been washed & dried)
     5 hours at the office
     4 more hours of spreadsheet work at the "shack" ..
             I loaded up thumb drives and took my county laptop and worked.
     1 crochet scarf was completed and one more started
     I attempted to teach Diva Jan how to crochet
          ( I'm not a good teacher  but she's got the gist of it. )
 laundry is humming, stuff is carted in from the truck and put away -- clothes are planned out and hung out for the week --

 the weather is going to be nasty cold for a couple more days -- it is the season --

 be smart - stay safe

thanks for the great weekend ladies -- can't wait for the next one --- I'll bring the hand soap.



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