Sunday, January 24, 2016

crazy cat lady fabric

has arrived -- yep fat quarters and yardage.

although there were no "public" new years resolutions posted -- a couple are always lurking --- no new fabric .... blew that one away in the last 10 days ...
above is my crazy cat lady fabric -- has a purpose .... gift purpose, enough typed
joined massdrop yesterday and picked up some amy butler and tula pink .... love love love
the Missouri Quilt Company daily deals were hard to resist
I'm done ... roasted/toasted and broke.

hmm .. you looking at me ...
yep, dude, I was.
so the fuzzies have cleared a bit ... 13 hours of work yesterday -- with a spot of time off for a mini party and this morning it was rise/shine and head to work (at 7:00am) yes, it is Sunday and yes, it was dark -- 9 hours of productivity and NO ringing phones. 
the introvert in me struggles during tax season -- I know it's my gig - but some days I just need to hole up and be me, myself and I
homework tonight -- laundry too, maybe some sewing or crochet ...
Happy last week of January!

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