Saturday, January 23, 2016


this fuzzy picture is kind of how my overworked/tired/cranky brain has been working lately, so ... to cure the fuzzies .... I ...
1) finished my book instead of getting out of bed this morning.
(5:00am - 7:00am is good reading time)
2) did a load of laundry and put away the clean / dry stuff
3) had Mc D's for breakfast -- drive thru nightmare
(but I got my food - eventually)
and arrived at the office at ....
8:15 ...
where I promptly sorted the piles and prioritized for the weekend.
should assist in clearing up the fuzzies.
It's been a week ...
most, most of the W2's and 1099's are done and out the door
tax returns are flowing in (and missing info)
I finally got a haircut -- I look human
I made it to Thursday water aerobics -- good for the soul
I made it to New Ulm for meeting on Friday ...
I made it to a retirement party for a sheriff's office employee
I worked a lot -- it just doesn't feel like I got a lot done.
fuzzies -- fuzzies -- fuzzies 

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