Saturday, January 9, 2016

Live from the Scrap Shack ...

Yes, I'm blogging live from "My Scrap Shack."  The scraping/stamping Divas and I have our girls weekend. 

It is tradition on girls weekend (1) for it to be COLD, like really COLD, (2) to overeat -- our eyes and tummys don't always communicate well with each other and (3) -- there is always a mechanical breakdown of some sort.

So, yes, it is very cold.  We are eating very well -- Jean made "olive garden" soup and ham sliders for supper last night.  Bex had some kind of fancy oatmeal for breakfast and hot chicken salad casserole is in the oven as I type.  Mechanical issues?  Bex is ill and so far unable to attend.  Although, her other half, Al, delivered the fancy oatmeal this morning. 

So far I have bound 5 of the 7 crib quilts I brought along.  Washed a few dishes, crochet a bit.  I was the dedicated Diva and slept at home last night and went to the office this morning and worked for 5 hours. 

So, back to the crafting. 

Ta Ta

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