Saturday, January 2, 2016

the long arm was busy ...

I attempted a pin cushion.  I flipped the magnetic one off the back of the long arm table and haven't crawled underneath it to retrieve it -- so this is my attempt.  Filled it with rice -- the next one will have several modifications.

Elder #1 helped me level the long arm last night.  Got to love tools.  He scrounged this hunk of wood in the basement -- hmmm.  It's not perfect but it is much better.

Said long arm in action ... please don't notice the waves ...

I free-handed a figure 8 pattern in the strips ... different - okay, will do it again on a larger scale.

Girls Gone Crafting happens next weekend at the Scrap Shack.  So I wanted to organize my thoughts and projects before I arrived.  The goal of the week was to get 7, yes 7, crib tops quilted .... and I DID.  They are not fancy -- but they are durable. 
At GGC, I will get them bound.  My other projects are finishing up a scrapbook -- hemming some pants, crochet, gossiping, eating and bonding with the divas.

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