Wednesday, February 3, 2016

and 4 days later

a lot of white stuff fell from the sky ... I don't think it was necessary for the whole 11 inches to land.
nasty day ... since every other business in town opted to close early ... Meagan and I also left the office --- I was home by 2:00ish .. took 1/2 hour to make the 5 minute commute.  Once me and my box of work arrived it was a productive afternoon and evening.  I brought home a full box of work and all of it got done.  Our current version of internet is expensive but reliable!  The cost of internet is almost as much as the payment on the first (well, second) vehicle I bought.  Gad -- I'm getting old.
elder #1 felt the need to get out the "big equipment" ... after the small snowblower, the pickup truck and shovel -- he felt the need to get out his tractor.  He and it arrived at the office this noon -- it was a welcome sight.
and 5:00 ish I heard a buzz and saw this one ... down the street and stopped next door ... proceeded to cross the street and use the ATM ... what the hell.   note:  the stop sign got wiped out by a car and is being held upright by sand bags ....  goofy, day peeps, really goofy day.

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