Wednesday, February 17, 2016


wastebook (facebook) sometimes has some jewels. 
yes, I reside at the apex of flat/corn/absolutely nothing
and yesterday I learned the river has moved.  no shit.  55 years of  living near it --- I could have told a few in the room that fact.  well, it's moved enough that my property line may/may not extend into Hazard County (Le Sueur)  Fortunately (unfortunately) -- there is a US Hwy between I, and said meandering river and the property line.
Fascinating stuff about the original land surveys/cornerstones/plotting -- in 1854.  Mind you -- there was no GPS or GIS mapping available.
Happy Hump Day.

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gz said...

That happened near Abergavenny with the River Wye in the 1800s I think...the boundary between two huge estates is the middle of the river. When the river changed course about two hundred yards across the flood plain, one estate lost,the other profited!