Saturday, February 13, 2016

odor investigation

after an awful odor came wafting up from the office basement ---- late Thursday night --- an investigation ensued.  yes, the money pit was again in need of professionals.   -- plugged sewer line ... from the house to the street.  it is damn good to be me.

so a lot of fretting, pacing and aroma's were the norm on Friday.  the doors and windows were open for a spell .. and today -- nary a wiff.  PTL.  dang, it was nasty. 

so, packed up and came home to work from home this evening.  so far 23 done, 6 with questions and I think 4 to go -- will finish in the am. 

love, love, love the VPN ... worth every penny.
just saying. 

must be tired -- I'm babbling (well, I always babble).

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