Thursday, March 31, 2016

18 days, 17 nights.


Sunday, March 27, 2016


after the snow adventures this week
most of us are truly in the mood for spring
soon, we need it soon
yesterday's all day/night rain took care of the snow
or what was left in the piles

so this morning I was at the office by 5:00am (yes, 5:00am)
came home for the Easter festivities at 11:00
(always good to show up in time to eat)
worked out of a box at home all afternoon
finished up and now it's on to seed sorting
seems like a prudent thing to do.
might need to order more ....
Easter Blessings.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

weather, part III

dear Mother Nature;

   thank you for not dumping 12 inches of snow on us.  I am so thankful it landed 25 miles away.  very very grateful.  in fact, it appears that the crap we did receive should melt quite quickly --

   bring on Spring.

tired cpa.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

weather, part II

Yes, I have scowl as I type. 
Although, not in the mood -- Ruby got stashed back in the shed -- and my purse, garage door openers etc, relocated back in the truck, gas in the truck, homework box started -- schedule re-arrange in the works.
Tuesday morning I got up when I wasn't sleeping at 4:15am (ya) did the gas station stop and made it to the office at 4:55 am (ya) .. and it was so much fun (NOT) I managed to repeat the same routine this morning.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


  that's all we seem to talk about -- weather -- how nice it is, how not so nice it is ... windy, not windy, cloudy, sunny ... wth.   can't change it - just got to live with it.

  So Friday night, Ruby and I toodled off to No Mankato to meet up with a couple of the super-scrapbookers for an event.   Well, I ate, chatted (complained about the weather) and drove home in the SNOW -- in RUBY. 

  Saturday morning -- there was too much snow for RUBY ... so I cleaned off the truck and off to work I went (5:15am) ... the gravel road was slippery!  argh. 

  There is more snow in the forecast -- RUBY will remain in the garage this week.  I should probably take my purse out of her -- at least for the duration.

  Chased the chickens tonight -- they are free ranging and really not getting the idea that they need to roost indoors at night ... must be time to thin down the flock.

  29 days peeps 29 days 'til freedom ...

Happy Freeking Snow.


Thursday, March 17, 2016


just a bit of doodling during a ditch meetng ...

messages from Kevin are always entertaining!

the pile -- on it's last day on this earth
the boys at Dad's desk -- getting ready to "color" ... with highlighters!
lots of creativity happening

and the post parade loot ... lots of sugar laden treats ....
it was a cold windy parade
Christina, Baby Harrison and I watched from the comfort of the front window.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

the things I utter

oh, when tired there is no filter to my thoughts or muttering ...

last week -- this bra is killing me .... Jeremiah was a bit shocked -- he just needs to work with more women.

today -- I have to go I'm wearing my good underwear .... poor man is doomed ....

word of the day -- dinglefritz --- he's never heard that either.

the kid has a lot to learn.


Sunday, March 13, 2016

daylight savings time

awful -- just awful. 

I don't do change well and it really messes me up with TIME changes.  I attempted to prep for it the last couple of weeks.  All I did was wear myself out.  Too many 4:30am starts will do that to me.

Ruby and I are getting along splendidly.  Snow in the forecast -- we'll have to see ... the truck is not far away. 

Must be time for bed. 


Saturday, March 12, 2016

ahhh Ruby

  elder #1 got Ruby out of storage for me yesterday ....  I missed my car!!!

  my first stop was the gas station where I promptly forgot where the gas tank was located ... so at 5:45 am ... the clerks at Holiday -- labeled me as "one of those dumb shits" ..

  the ability to laugh at self is a gift. 

  ahhhh spring has sprung -- oh so glorious spring ... love it.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

and well, just and

 after an hour on the phone with Habib (?) this morning ... I thought I was doomed.  alas, a return call was received from the phone dudes and to make a lonnnggggg story short ... our VPN was using and excessive amount of bandwidth so the fax machine couldn't receive faxes while we were busy using too much bandwidth ... the solution ... new wire to the building and new wires in the building. 

  I think it works.  not sure.  don't really care anymore.  post transition we got tossed off the VPN a couple of times not sure if it was the "bandwidth" or the VPN ... again don't care -- it's working now.

   then the plumber returned to start the "re-plumbing" of this old house.  who knew?  here we go .. Monday ...

   to combat the stress of the week I had a spot of retail therapy and ordered a fat quarter bundle from somewhere (can't remember) . pink chalk fabrics?  30% off ... and the more I think about it -- I might already have it ...

   I had purchased a powerball ticket for Wednesday night.  Damn I didn't win.  crap happens eh!

   I need my Ruby.  Left a subliminal message for #1 -- put a picture of Ruby on the home computer as the wall paper ... we'll see if he catches on and if it's parked in the garage.  Hope so.  I.NEED.MY.RUBY.

ta ta


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

and on Wednesday

  the overwhelming sense of "WTH" finally sent this diva over the edge. 

  a few tears were involved.  2 hours of looking for a file and finding it in an unmarked file folder was more than I could handle.  not sure if tears worked. 

  so I sorted the piles, filed a bunch of corporate extensions (well a lot of corporate extensions), finished a payroll, updated some software ....

  Thursday's list involves a call to the phone carrier .. evidently the VPN is overriding calls to the fax machine and everyone is getting a busy signal.  it's taken a month of WTH to figure that out ...

  Had a meeting in Mankato tonight -- my first trip out of town in 2, yes 2 freeking months. 

  I'm pooped. 

  My bed is calling, the alarm clock is set ... the morning clothes are hanging on the closet ....

  I requested elder #1 get Ruby out of storage -- need some Ruby to brighten my day....


Saturday, March 5, 2016

you know you live in a small town

when  ......

*  people honk and wave at you while standing on the street (and you wave back -- not knowing who they were (it was dark))

*  you know most of the diners at the Friday Fish Fry at the Legion Club (pretty darn tasty last night)

*  your newspaper delivery woman calls you by name and wishes you "good morning" ... and inquires if you are getting enough sleep ..

*  clients don't mention the sweatpants and fleece sweatshirts (after wearing them 5 days in a row) ... different sets .

*  "cake to go" ... I briefly attended a retirement party for a new retiree and she insisted I take a piece of cake "for later"

Joey Feek lost, perhaps won, her battle with cancer yesterday.  A lesson in grace and dignity for all of us.