Thursday, March 10, 2016

and well, just and

 after an hour on the phone with Habib (?) this morning ... I thought I was doomed.  alas, a return call was received from the phone dudes and to make a lonnnggggg story short ... our VPN was using and excessive amount of bandwidth so the fax machine couldn't receive faxes while we were busy using too much bandwidth ... the solution ... new wire to the building and new wires in the building. 

  I think it works.  not sure.  don't really care anymore.  post transition we got tossed off the VPN a couple of times not sure if it was the "bandwidth" or the VPN ... again don't care -- it's working now.

   then the plumber returned to start the "re-plumbing" of this old house.  who knew?  here we go .. Monday ...

   to combat the stress of the week I had a spot of retail therapy and ordered a fat quarter bundle from somewhere (can't remember) . pink chalk fabrics?  30% off ... and the more I think about it -- I might already have it ...

   I had purchased a powerball ticket for Wednesday night.  Damn I didn't win.  crap happens eh!

   I need my Ruby.  Left a subliminal message for #1 -- put a picture of Ruby on the home computer as the wall paper ... we'll see if he catches on and if it's parked in the garage.  Hope so.  I.NEED.MY.RUBY.

ta ta


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