Sunday, March 20, 2016


  that's all we seem to talk about -- weather -- how nice it is, how not so nice it is ... windy, not windy, cloudy, sunny ... wth.   can't change it - just got to live with it.

  So Friday night, Ruby and I toodled off to No Mankato to meet up with a couple of the super-scrapbookers for an event.   Well, I ate, chatted (complained about the weather) and drove home in the SNOW -- in RUBY. 

  Saturday morning -- there was too much snow for RUBY ... so I cleaned off the truck and off to work I went (5:15am) ... the gravel road was slippery!  argh. 

  There is more snow in the forecast -- RUBY will remain in the garage this week.  I should probably take my purse out of her -- at least for the duration.

  Chased the chickens tonight -- they are free ranging and really not getting the idea that they need to roost indoors at night ... must be time to thin down the flock.

  29 days peeps 29 days 'til freedom ...

Happy Freeking Snow.


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