Saturday, March 5, 2016

you know you live in a small town

when  ......

*  people honk and wave at you while standing on the street (and you wave back -- not knowing who they were (it was dark))

*  you know most of the diners at the Friday Fish Fry at the Legion Club (pretty darn tasty last night)

*  your newspaper delivery woman calls you by name and wishes you "good morning" ... and inquires if you are getting enough sleep ..

*  clients don't mention the sweatpants and fleece sweatshirts (after wearing them 5 days in a row) ... different sets .

*  "cake to go" ... I briefly attended a retirement party for a new retiree and she insisted I take a piece of cake "for later"

Joey Feek lost, perhaps won, her battle with cancer yesterday.  A lesson in grace and dignity for all of us. 


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