Saturday, April 30, 2016

and the purge begins

spring cleaning ...
getting rid of clothes you will
a) never wear again
b) can't fasten the snap/zipper/button
c) should have never bought in the first place.
It's a semi annual rite of passage on Daisy Lane.
and yes, this is just 2 bags .. no fear there is more.
for some unknown to me -- reason -- I ended up with way to many fleece sweatshirts from Lands End ..
teal print
purple stripe
bright blue from Kohls
black from Kohls
Lime green (last years model)
Pale blue (also last years model)
  ya, I wore them daily on a rotating basis with either black cords, blue cords, black velour (3 pair of them -- another dumb idea) or black/navy dress pants ... I had this odd notion that if I kept to the black/blue color scheme on the lower half of my self -- I'd need less clothes -- ya, I've lost all sense of reason.
and then ===  when Lands End had their spring sale -- (like, who can resist LE fleece at $12.50 ) -- I restocked and purchased another red, teal & fushia 
I won't get into the white tee shirt conversation -- long sleeve, short sleeve, stained --- wth.  I have a freeking drawer of white tee shirts in various stages of long sleeve, short sleeve, stained and still in the plastic bag. 
I've lost all sense of reason.
Just check me in (and soon)
If you see me near a clothing store or getting an UPS delivery --- get me medication.

road trip !


 random phone shots ...
 a couple of weeks ago it was raining hard
 in broad daylight
 kind of cool

and today's road trip was to Odin Minnesota
population 24?  or a bit more
specifically the Odin Craft Mill ...

Where it rained from Mankato south
This crew was sidelined in the field
We decided filling the planter boxes on 3 18 row planters is expensive!

Best message of the day ...

And my treasure of the day ... a large hollowed out chunk of wood/board -- it's not old but it is cool.

epic fail

 so I attempted to make potholders last night -- the mitt potholders .. I had a leftover strip set and quilted it up .. cut out the insul-brite, cut out a lining ... and proceeded to sew it inside out ...  on to the next one ...

  I had it right side out but the darn thing didn't turn right side out very well.  it be ugly.

  Even the pictures failed.

  it was a  Pinterest idea .... moral of the story -- things aren't always as they seem on the internet.

  Next attempt -- a skirt (a child's skirt -- less fabric and elastic to waste)


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Prince Rogers Nelson


if he died without a will and/or some type of estate planning -- he's an idiot.

anyone who dies with an estate in excess of $100,000,000.00 and has no plans in place is an idiot.

let the fighting begin.  the only winner will be the federal government and the state of Minnesota.



Monday, April 25, 2016

rainy mondays

so it rained
the sun came out
and it appears to get ready to rain again.

for a Monday it's been an okay day.

I was good worker bee yesterday I came to work at 7:15am (yah) ... worked until 11:30 went home for laundry, yard work, atv trek, laundry, dishes, a spot of cooking.

I even managed an hour at the Bernina.

Slowly life gets back to a calmer routine . . . slowly.


Saturday, April 23, 2016

and on the first Saturday of Freedom she ...

Had a list of things to do ....
1.  get to Kohls and purchase new bras ... yes, undergarments are important and awfully expensive -- must not pass up the opportunity ... Mom had a 30% off coupon.  So bras, socks and others were purchased.
2.  get the cardboard to the recycling bins.  DONE ... I had been accumulating boxes all winter long -- in the back of my truck.
3.  mow the LAWN.  Done.  the POS lawnmower started on the 3rd pull.  who knew -- maybe it will last another year ... 1/2 got done and I ran out of gas.  So -- filling up the gas can tomorrow.
rain is in the forecast tomorrow -- so back to work to get the projects finished up.   I also laptop shopped .... hmmm too many choices.

picture of the patch from my walk on Friday night .... the walking has commenced -- let us all hope it lasts longer than a day.
ps.  PRINCE died -- good grief ... for an extremely private guy there seems to be an excess of fuss happening.

Friday, April 22, 2016

quilt in action

Harvey naps with his quilt.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

and on the next day

  I didn't really take any time off ....

  There are days when the world kind of catches up with me and gets me to focus on a plan.  A plan.  In this case an undefined plan.  I don't like undefined plans.  I like "chiseled on stone tablet" plans. 

  So I  spent the morning at the government center -- department head presentation from our County Attorney -- always an interesting discussion which then morphed into a Board workshop -- which the discussions were even more varied.  Shore land ordinances, trash & recycling, probation .... it was all covered.  I finally got to the office -- where I worked, yes worked.  Then it was off to New Ulm for the Sioux Trails Board meeting.  Mental health -- the challenges and pitfalls.  Long day.

 And no freeking haircut yet!!!!!!  Hopefully -- today.



Monday, April 18, 2016

Sunday, April 17, 2016

so far it has been

108 days
1445 hours

4:30 am really really hurt this morning.

1 freeking day left.


Friday, April 15, 2016

one of the Aunties

One of the distant cousins from Washington emailed this picture to me ... she was attempting to identify if it was Aunt Minnie or Aunt Esther ...
I don't remember Aunt Esther very well (if at all) ... but oh  --- we had many adventures at/with Aunt Minnie! 
here's another picture ... there were 10 Fischer sisters ...
Martha, Minna, Bernice, Sophie, Esther, Irene, Marie, Louise, Emma and Bertha  -- I may have these mixed up with the Dranttel sisters ..  ? 
 and 2 brothers - Martin & Albert ...
and the other side --- Marion, Carol, Bernice, Margaret Anne, Florence, Donald, George, Marvin -- John  and ??? 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

(( sigh ))

   days peeps days

   but before then -- I woke up to did I ????

   1) finish payroll -- not yet
   2) finish payroll taxes -- not yet
   3) food, what is food

   so since 4:50 am, I've finished the last payroll for tomorrow, paid 8 more sets of payroll taxes, had coffee and delivered the curbie to the curb. 

   because -- dang it -- I pay to have that trash picked up and I am not going to miss a pickup.  I know I need to get a freeking life.

   sunrise is breaking and it appears to be fabulous so -- my coffee and I are headed out to watch it.


Saturday, April 9, 2016

one more Saturday

well, I'm not a runner -- probably never going to be a runner ...

but I know 4:45am.  damn, I  know 4:45 am.  in my world it's more like 4:05 am.  and I don't need an alarm clock to get my tired bones out of bed and southbound for the office.

one more Saturday after today ... one more Saturday after today.

I think we're going to make it ...
just maybe
perhaps we'll sneak it in ..


Thursday, April 7, 2016

oh crap

  ... or "holy crap" it's Thursday already.  time flies.  quickly, oh, so quickly.  

     The piles are not dwindling fast enough around here.  I find that terribly frightening.  Piles, I really don't like the piles.

   this too shall pass ...


Sunday, April 3, 2016

on the first day of 70'

I found Ruby in her temporary parking spot.
A little dusty -- but safe from the weather.
elder #1 was out in his tractor -- disking around the perimeter of the farm(s) .. pushing pack dead trees and such ...

notice the dust.
I wasn't feeling well, so I left the office at 3:00pm with a box of work ... stopped at the scrap shack to check in with the super scrappers and took the field road home.  my kind of heaven -- a dirt road headed to no where.  When I got home I hopped on the Viking and took a little ride with my camera. 
It was a day of executive decisions -- I am after all a Diva and am allowed to wave my magic wand and declare the state of being.  arrogant.  I know.
We will get done what we get done.
We won't kill ourselves over idiots who procrastinate.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Saturday nights on 3rd Street

 Since I don't have a camera .... or a camera with batteries ... here's a virtual snapshot of my desk ...

 -- empty take out food containers .. chix strips from the deli
 -- a pile of completed tax returns
 -- two monitors ..
 -- a pile of Kleenex ready for use
 -- an adding machine in need of paper tape
 -- an empty coffee cup
 -- a dirty keyboard (might need more batteries soon)

 -- piles on the floor to the left of me
 -- piles on the table in the bay window
 -- piles on the chair next to the tv

 -- space heater running in the corner
       (got really cold in here with the overly gusty north winds)

 -- phone plugged into charger

 -- overflowing shred trash box
 -- overflowing recycling trash box
 -- overflowing trash bin

it could be declared a federal disaster area ...
16 days and 15 nights peeps ...

if the body holds out we might just make it.
if  if  if