Saturday, April 23, 2016

and on the first Saturday of Freedom she ...

Had a list of things to do ....
1.  get to Kohls and purchase new bras ... yes, undergarments are important and awfully expensive -- must not pass up the opportunity ... Mom had a 30% off coupon.  So bras, socks and others were purchased.
2.  get the cardboard to the recycling bins.  DONE ... I had been accumulating boxes all winter long -- in the back of my truck.
3.  mow the LAWN.  Done.  the POS lawnmower started on the 3rd pull.  who knew -- maybe it will last another year ... 1/2 got done and I ran out of gas.  So -- filling up the gas can tomorrow.
rain is in the forecast tomorrow -- so back to work to get the projects finished up.   I also laptop shopped .... hmmm too many choices.

picture of the patch from my walk on Friday night .... the walking has commenced -- let us all hope it lasts longer than a day.
ps.  PRINCE died -- good grief ... for an extremely private guy there seems to be an excess of fuss happening.

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