Wednesday, April 20, 2016

and on the next day

  I didn't really take any time off ....

  There are days when the world kind of catches up with me and gets me to focus on a plan.  A plan.  In this case an undefined plan.  I don't like undefined plans.  I like "chiseled on stone tablet" plans. 

  So I  spent the morning at the government center -- department head presentation from our County Attorney -- always an interesting discussion which then morphed into a Board workshop -- which the discussions were even more varied.  Shore land ordinances, trash & recycling, probation .... it was all covered.  I finally got to the office -- where I worked, yes worked.  Then it was off to New Ulm for the Sioux Trails Board meeting.  Mental health -- the challenges and pitfalls.  Long day.

 And no freeking haircut yet!!!!!!  Hopefully -- today.



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