Saturday, April 30, 2016

and the purge begins

spring cleaning ...
getting rid of clothes you will
a) never wear again
b) can't fasten the snap/zipper/button
c) should have never bought in the first place.
It's a semi annual rite of passage on Daisy Lane.
and yes, this is just 2 bags .. no fear there is more.
for some unknown to me -- reason -- I ended up with way to many fleece sweatshirts from Lands End ..
teal print
purple stripe
bright blue from Kohls
black from Kohls
Lime green (last years model)
Pale blue (also last years model)
  ya, I wore them daily on a rotating basis with either black cords, blue cords, black velour (3 pair of them -- another dumb idea) or black/navy dress pants ... I had this odd notion that if I kept to the black/blue color scheme on the lower half of my self -- I'd need less clothes -- ya, I've lost all sense of reason.
and then ===  when Lands End had their spring sale -- (like, who can resist LE fleece at $12.50 ) -- I restocked and purchased another red, teal & fushia 
I won't get into the white tee shirt conversation -- long sleeve, short sleeve, stained --- wth.  I have a freeking drawer of white tee shirts in various stages of long sleeve, short sleeve, stained and still in the plastic bag. 
I've lost all sense of reason.
Just check me in (and soon)
If you see me near a clothing store or getting an UPS delivery --- get me medication.

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