Saturday, April 2, 2016

Saturday nights on 3rd Street

 Since I don't have a camera .... or a camera with batteries ... here's a virtual snapshot of my desk ...

 -- empty take out food containers .. chix strips from the deli
 -- a pile of completed tax returns
 -- two monitors ..
 -- a pile of Kleenex ready for use
 -- an adding machine in need of paper tape
 -- an empty coffee cup
 -- a dirty keyboard (might need more batteries soon)

 -- piles on the floor to the left of me
 -- piles on the table in the bay window
 -- piles on the chair next to the tv

 -- space heater running in the corner
       (got really cold in here with the overly gusty north winds)

 -- phone plugged into charger

 -- overflowing shred trash box
 -- overflowing recycling trash box
 -- overflowing trash bin

it could be declared a federal disaster area ...
16 days and 15 nights peeps ...

if the body holds out we might just make it.
if  if  if 


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