Friday, May 27, 2016

finally friday .... eh

I think the endless week of busy-ness and whatnots is finally coming to a close. 

I and the elders went and had birthday supper last night -- it was the official I'm "80" day -- Perkins (where else?) ... then I took them to Best Buy -- which only had 5 cars in their parking lot.  #1 had never been there.   hmmm.

Picked up a generic case for his new tablet and a stylus.  He's liking the challenge of the tablet and getting the hang of it pretty fast. 

I was on a mission for a cheep laptop.  Mission accomplished -- almost done with the set up -- at least Office is loaded so I can use it at the lake for a couple of weekend projects.  Yes, working at the lake.  It will be raining.

The patch is completely planted -- the pre-emergence herbicide is down, the cut worm insecticide is down.  Just needs to "grow."  An inch of rain yesterday with 85' will get the seeds leaping out of the ground.  

Happy Weekend.

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