Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy Wednesday

I am most grateful it is Wednesday -- my week has been a touch out of control and today was equally wild.  I'm not exactly sure what I may have accomplished.  Time will tell
The good news -- the F150 is ready to be picked up.  It has been at the Ford dealership in Le Sueur for a week -- awaiting it's diagnosis and the parts to arrive.  Something about a throttle cable attached to the gas pedal that chats with a sensor that controls the computer .....  her next stop is the south end of town for some alignment and tire issues. I'm hoping she lasts another 11 years and 70,000 miles.  Prayers are welcome.

I found the perfect tiara -- now I need a matching tutu and shoes. 
keep dreaming -- there will never be a tutu on this body.
the end.
Rest and Relaxation is forecasted for the weekend -- or at least part of it.  A spot of sewing with the scrapbooking divas at the Vatican.  Yep, turning Catholic for 36 hours ... only 36 hours.
Next week there will be a spot of time spent at the cabin -- miss that cabin.  There is nothing better than a house in the trees overlooking the lake -- got to get there soon.

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