Wednesday, May 25, 2016


David lived a short life, but it was a very good life. He filled his time with meaningful work and deep relationships. We will remember his intellect, his curiosity, his wisdom, his wry wit and quirky humor, his kindness, his humility, his faithfulness, his friendship and loyalty, his gift of listening attentively, and his empathy and love.

May this experience of loving and then losing David so soon create in us the desire to listen more patiently and show each other more kindness, more mercy, and more love.

David’s confirmation verse: Revelation 2:10 "Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life."

  I cannot fathom the pain of losing a child -- since the beginning of this discovery/drama/issue/disappearance -- I think most of us have shared in his family's confusion/pain/grief/sadness.    All of us -- even those of us who are not acquainted with the family have been touched.  We all have much to learn --

   listen more patiently
   show more kindness
   more mercy
   more love ...

   cherish your family and loved ones -- we never know what's around the next corner in our crazy lives .......


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