Tuesday, May 10, 2016

mornings on 3rd street

well, mornings in my 3rd street neighborhood ...

one of us always rolls out her trash at the last minute (I) ... makes a lot of noise dragging it thru the door -- tripping across the parking lot to the curb ....

Karen starts arrange the racks at her Garden Center -- generally by 6:30 -- then she starts watering --

there's always a car or two left on the street from the events at the bar -- strangers and stragglers wander in to retrieve them -- not sure if they are early risers or just don't want others to know that their wheels spent the night at the bar .....

Jim finishing his walk -- newspaper in hand ... headed for the coffee pot in his office.

drippy rain this morning -- birds seem to be quieter than normal.

2 more weeks of school so 2 more weeks of the 7;30 - &:45 rush hour ... yep, it's a 15 minute rush hour -- 'tis the reason I don't handle city traffic very well -- I like it this way.


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