Saturday, May 7, 2016

the lost is found ... sort of

I'm going to link this up to Crazy Mom
because I haven't sewed a thing in months
but I love checking out what everyone else has created!
quilt on!!!!

it was the Scrap Shacks Spring Crafting Event -- I finally took some time away from the office ... I was on official "head gopher duty" ... need lots of labor to pull off any event.
I left the office at 2:00 pm yesterday ... rolled into bed at 11:00 (ya, late) .. back to the church by 7:00 am .. lots of prepping, table moving, kp duty, trash duty and a spot or two of sewing ...

 I really didn't know what I was going to work on ... I literally thru a layer cake, a jelly roll and handfuls from my scrap bin into a tub ....  good planning makes for a productive weekend.  tossing fabric in a tub is not good planning.
so I chopped a layer cake in half (mojito - very bright/cheery)
mixed the halves in a bag and sewed unmatched back together
squared to 9 1/2 inch blocks
added a strip from the jelly roll ...
and sewed the odd sized blocks into rows
it's a 7 x 6 layout
notice the goof ... it's there ..
and it really really needs a good pressing -- I took my traveling iron and pressing pad soo....
I have enough of the jelly roll left to make a strippy crib quilt ....
time for a shower and foot massage ....

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Jennifer said...

Very cute quilt for something you didn't plan! That's a great way to use a layer cake!