Sunday, June 12, 2016


  the number of steps on the fitbit before it crapped out (well -- more like ran out of juice) ... I'm running out of juice also.

So no list today -- but dang heaps of projects have been completed.

1.  Laundry (well one load of sheets).
2.  Went to the office at 7:30am (yes am)
      ... finally planted the hostas I bought off of craigs list
      ... finally planted the hostas I bought from Karen's
      ... mulched newly planted hostas
      ... planted the tubs and pots (well 4 of the 6)
      ... mowed the lawn (after I heard the renters moving)
      ... cut back a bush (large weed)
      ... attempted to spray the weeds in the yard (time will tell)

stopped at McDonalds  on the way home for a treat --- asked for a Carmel Moo-Latte at the drive up -- the young clerk was polite enough to mention that it was a Dairy Queen item and I wasn't at the DQ ... shit -- I was hot and tired  (I meant carmel frappe )

3.  Fed/watered/supervised the chickens, cats and pheasants. 
4.  Plucked eggs -- the girls are late layers ... they dwaddle in the nesting boxes.
5.  Shower

6.  Finally made it to the lake.  Finally.  Nap on the deck ....
      ... planned out the next couple of weeks, meetings, projects clothes
      ... yes my wardrobe choices are on a spreadsheet.  me bad.
      ... finished my $14.99 book from iTunes ... argh
               (William Kent Krueger's new one)

7.  Back home to repeat #3 ...
8.  Walked the melon patch and checked things out ... the hoeing starts again tomorrow.

9.  Cleaned parts of the basement bathroom
10.  Vac'd upstairs

11.  Shower

12.  I'm ready for bed.


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gz said...

I'm not surprised that the fitbit gave up!!