Sunday, June 26, 2016

1st Market of the 2016 season

since the fruits and veggies are no where near ready ... months to go ... and some market changes were favorable to non-produce items ... I brought 11 crib quilts, a bunch of pillowcases and some left over kids clothes from past sewing binges ...
and the above sold (and some pillowcases and some dresses.)  I told Jean on Friday night it was going to be "boom or bust" ... I was pleasantly surprised -- really surprised.
it was freeking, and i mean freeking hot.  I left at 11:30 -- got home and slurped down another quart of water and napped.  the heat zapped any energy ... and the endless wind. 
all my stuff fit in the back of Mom's SUV -- my truck was buried behind other sets of wheels and hers was handy (and dirty)

once the front moved thru I took a little wander thru the yard (with a camera) ... it's a weird year things aren't blooming on a normal schedule ... perhaps it's just I

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