Monday, June 6, 2016

it was the weekend.

Well, the list thing on Saturday didn't work.  Not at all.  I spent most of the weekend at the lake.  On Saturday, the laptop, a box of work and a good radio station got a lot done -- and when I needed a break -- I finished my library book. 
Yesterday, I attempted to finish up the client project (I'm as far as I can go without more info) -- and I started a new book.   It was a sunny, windy, cool, warm day to be at the lake.  Too windy for me on the water but our "treehouse" and it's deck is just fine. 
The boys went finishing -- above is Nick's 37" northern -- they fished a bit ... the dog swam .. we cooked .. we ate .. we packed up and came home.
8 miles and 12 minutes to paradise.

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