Tuesday, June 28, 2016

life goes on .... and on ...

this was my view Sunday night in the patch ... southbound from the squash end to the pumpkin end.  things are growing  --  weeds too.

and here is looking northbound from the middle to the well, damn deer.
enough typed.
so it was a long day in Diva-dom.  a Board meeting that was long, confusing and well, frustrating.  I finally got to the office and I accomplished very very little.  I did manage to purchase a new dehumidifier and it seems to be working ... loaded it into the front seat of the Mustang .. 'twas a sight. 
I spent 90 minutes putzing in the patch.  Spot spraying, a little hoeing, a little dusting and a lot of talking to the plants.  Plants listen well.  Really well.
Time for the shower and the bernina -- or maybe my book or maybe both. 
indecision was the name of the game today.
Focus will be the word of the day tomorrow.

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