Saturday, June 11, 2016

one more day ...

Friday's weather madness --
the pitter patter gushing of rain overpowering the gutters ... and everything else
I was lucky at the office and at home
trees are down all over town
60 mph wind gusts, driving rain and of course, hail.
might as well have it all at once.

the gourds ... looks pretty awful ..this was an hour after the deluge.
looks better today ... well still looks damp but most of the water has soaked in.
pheasant duty -- trust me this little bugger is screaming (chirping) LET ME OUT, LET ME OUT, I WANNA BE FREE ... another day of this heat and her wish will come true.  I had opened the door at lunch (while plucking eggs from the chicken shack) and wasn't sure if the pheasant house would still be standing  -- 60 mph winds are evil.
my ATV and Dad's Tracker ... mine has no rust and better treads on the tires, his on the other hand was much less expensive.  I get wet when it rains -- his roof leaks too.
I was hoping it would rain more overnight and wash it off -- no such luck.
I am eagerly awaiting the break in the weather -- so far today I've sewed a bit, more freeking laundry, animal duty, office duty in town -- it was too hot so I came home, office duty at home (all afternoon) and finally watched the Belmont .. that was a close one!

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