Monday, July 11, 2016

ah .... progress

  there are no pictures yet ... but progress was made attacking the weeds, brush and trees growing on 3rd street ...

  the flower beds have been cleaned out
  all of the trees growing along the fence, in the fence, on the fence, leaning over the fence
       have been removed
  and I have a path to thru the weed jungle to the electrical meters --
       hippy dippy trippy next door is in charge of the back 40 and it isn't getting done
       so I made a path for the meter reader.
       more to come on that project

  Nick and Dad helped - a lot.

  needless to say by the time I finally got to the cabin -- on Sunday morning -- just about every muscle ached .. 5 pickup loads to the City brush/weed pile.  a lot of crap.

  I earned my lake time.  spent most of it sewing -- 4 more dresses done and I finished season 6 of downton abbey. 

  this weeks projects -- a plugged shower in the upstairs apartment (oh joy) and the electrician.  might as well spend it all in one week eh!

  4 more dresses are cut out and ready to stitch -- 4 quilts need to be bound.


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