Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday in the Heartland

The only picture of the "finishes" for the week -- but truly -- there are 5 new dresses, 3 crib quilts (quilted, bound, washed & dried) and 2 table runners done for Market in the morning.
Since we are now able to bring handcrafted items to the Farmer's Market .. I decided early on to try some quilts and etc ..  I told Jean it would either be a "boom" or a "bust" ... I've been pleasantly surprised at the number of items I've sold.  It's been a good stash buster. 
Crib quilts (not fancy -- but durable), pillowcases, dresses, lots of dresses -- same pattern for all -- just different sizes and a mish mash of fabric ... table runners this week, some note cards ... a little bit of everything. --- I'm kind of in between seasons in the melon patch -- their growing and I'm attempting to control the critters ... until harvest it's watch and wait process, so I try and sew an hour a night ....and yep, mass produce (easy when I use the same pattern) ..

raining at the cabin last Sunday -- so I sewed -- and finished out Season 6 of Downton Abbey ..
Mom and I went out to the cabin for supper on the deck -- calm, calm night on the water ... I sewed buttons and basted bindings ... she read.

Linking up with Crazy Mom's Finish Up Friday ... check out the show -- it's always good ... link in on my daily reading (sidebar) ...
Happy Weekend y'all.

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