Tuesday, July 5, 2016


A good Diva would have documented her holiday much better than pictures of a dog.  Alas, the previous post with the dog shots were just about all the photography of the weekend.

Yesterday, THE HOLIDAY

.... I went to the office at the normal 6:00am start time and finished up a couple of payrolls -- payroll is a schedule thing -- and doesn't care if it's a holiday ...

.... I then headed to my appointed shift in the PARK for the PARTY  where
.... I damn near got run down in the fun run...
.... I ended up helping set up the food booth
.... and mixing up 4 roasters (that would be 16 + gallons) of baked beans. ..... that's a lot of can opener action ... hand crank can opener ....
.... I finally arrived at my appointed location "the bank" where I handed out start up cash ... to
     4 water carts
     1 beer tent
     1 pop stand
     4 chicken dinner lines
     1 hot dog stand
     and somewhere else I can't remember
.... finally left 2 hours after my scheduled exit time.

Finally got to the lake ..... no sewing or crochet (forgot the hook and lost the desire).
I was cold, tired cranky all afternoon .... the boat parade was entertaining ....
Food was good.

By the time 8:00 pm  rolled around I was too freeking tired and too cranky to be polite -- so I went home (the plan was to stay over), took a shower and went to bed.

and this morning the whole gig started over at 5:15

I finally got to the patch today after the office  -- it needs a drink, a deep wet drink.  Soon.

Enough with the whining -- me and my tote bag of homework are going to work ....

Happy 2nd month of summer!


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