Sunday, July 24, 2016

progress ...

scare crow #2 --- several years old ... dad made them up -- and they've stood the test of time

scare crows #'s -- 3 thru  10 are cat food and chicken food bags on t posts (that my friends is creative recycling -- and free) ... this end of the patch is generally under water when the downpours occur -- nor did it get sprayed with the pre-emergence chemical so it is weedier ...

the garden "peeps" .. after Saturday's rain (another inch) ... I finished this project and then mudded in two rows of beans and some radishes ... had seed and room so it seemed like the thing to try

oh ya -- she's back -- or rather she's never left. 

So in the heat Friday night I banged out 8 t posts ... with that post pounder gizmo of Dad's (the brown tubular thing in my ATV) ... 15 whacks per post .. farm girl skills.  I also pulled row markers.

Saturday -- finished the t posts and finally got to Menards -- $150 and several bags later --- another sprayer just for animal control, more bug dust, bungee cords, clamps, skeeter control, Rubbermaid dishes, fireball candies, light bulbs ... the list was endless
but NO perfect LAWNCHAIR -- dang -- finding the perfect lawn chair has been impossible.
Today -- I sprayed out 2 gallons (or 10,000 ) square feet of repels all -- we'll see .... pulled more row markers -- took a shower and headed to the CABIN
a nap, a book, some handwork and some cooking ... it was good for the soul.
back home and bug dusted the squash -- a few unidentified flying things happening .. and I want to control them now. 


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