Thursday, July 28, 2016

TGIT ... or where has the week gone

yep, I'm excited for Thursday ... damn the weeks are flying past me.  I'm not exactly sure what I have accomplished this week .. the usual crazyness and distractions sometimes trip me up.

the critters and the munching seems to have slowed down a bit in the patch -- although I've been diligent about spraying the repels all .. expensive stuff -- tonight since it is cooler there will be a bit of spot weeding -- it was fairly still last night -- I should have done some spot spraying but ... the bugs were thick.

the scrapping divas are finalizing the "trip" plans .. should be an entertaining weekend.  there will be 24 of us (in the same place -- at the same time) .. yep.

I managed to sew a bit -- and spill an iced coffee all over my sewing machine table (and pre wound bobbins) ya a sticky mess.  headbands, dresses, shorts and hopefully binding another toddler / crib quilt tonight.

Moved up to a new phone yesterday -- it's faster, the screen is bigger and it looks identical to the old one ... the same Otter Box ... for some reason the local Verizon store only carries camo Otter Boxes ... wth.

back to work.

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