Friday, July 8, 2016

this week's accomplishments

pretty slim pickin's here on 3rd Street and on Daisy Lane ...

It's rained -- it's been windy.

1.  The office lawn got mowed.
2.  I chopped down some more weeds -- many more to go.
3.  I turned vines in the melon patch and found a watermelon.
4.  I did a lot (a LOT) of payroll.

More importantly ... what I HAVEN'T done this week.

1.  Walk (other than gardening)
2.  Spend any time at the lake
3.  Spend any time at the Bernina
4.  Clear off my desk.

I really hate dislike short holiday weeks -- I fall behind and never seem to catch up.

((( big sigh/whine)))  and back at it.

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