Thursday, July 21, 2016


not sure if tired-ness is a word ... the V8 moment hit sometime on Tuesday when I kept screwing up an email....

Since Dad's birthday party ...

I've planted and got the patch to the blooming stage ... haven't seen it since
    Monday .. headed out there shortly.
Kept up on the office lawn mowing
de-brushed all the crap growing in the office fence (more to go)
Made it to 3 Saturday markets

Coverted all of our general ledger and payroll clients to new software
Finished up a bunch of extended tax returns
Purchased 3 new computers ...
   2 desktops that had to have set up done -- and communicating with our
          network and software
   1 laptop with Windows 10
Added Office 365 to all of the workstations ...
Converted my Outlook to the new Office 365 Outlook
Started archiving old File Cabinet data to an external hard drive (today)
Purged one entire shelf unit in the basement (8 boxes)

All of my quarterly payroll reports are done (a freeking week early)
Just about all of my monthly financial statements are done
I have 4 Corporate extensions left
I have 6/7 Individual extensions left

Sewed 12 little girl dresses
Finished 6 crib quilts
Cleaned my sewing room
Finished Season 6 of Downton Abbey

Made all but one of my County meetings ...
This week is a heavy County week

Made it out to the cabin most weekends.
I think I'm going to spend all of next week out there ...

I cannot complain -- too much work is better than not enough work .... but
Damn when that vacation comes -- this Diva will be leaping into the vehicle to leave

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