Tuesday, August 30, 2016


  scrabble may not recognize crap-tastic but I do and today that is all that matters. 

  weird schedule and mood/outlook/attitude lately.  I am a creature of routine and when it gets wacked I get easily irritated.  ya, crabby.

  Saturday after market was spent (a) cleaning out the truck (b) reorganizing the truck and (c) washing out the market tubs -- and finally getting cleaned up.  out for supper for Mom's birthday -- Perkins -- because that is the only place #1 will eat. 

  Sunday morning -- I FINALLY got to the cabin.  by 5:30 and the third application of bug spray -- I went home -- might as well swat at home. 

  Last night I discovered the freeking deer at most of my yellow doll melons.  I was pissed.  Really pissed.  The buggers went right down the row and ate.  So I sprayed repels all.  And then it rained.  Go figure.

  Today was a road trip to Princeton to a funeral/memorial service/sharing of memories.  #1 was driving -- I won't be riding with him in city traffic again.  End of story.  Missed 3 exits and made 3 wrong turns.  The end.  Got home and went back out to spray "repels all"  awful smelling stuff that seems to repel the critters.  After all I need to keep some of the good eats safe.

Hoping for a better day on Wednesday.  It certainly will have less drama than today.



Saturday, August 27, 2016

dancing in the rain

the theme of today's Market --- Dancing in the Rain
the kids seemed to enjoy it
this little dude was a wet mess by the time his parents were done shopping

the always delightful Miss Paige -- had cool moves with the umbrella ...
oh ya -- I'm really gonna play
and then he scooped up a handful and drank it ..
All in a day's market
I had 8 left over large melons
4 yellows
and a 1/2 bushel of sugar babies
(I wasn't pushing the sugar babies)
It was a good day
and my hair is "rainwater soft" ....

Friday, August 26, 2016

friday night highlights! (picture heavy)

yeppers, elder #1 carving up a Sangria ..
they are so green
all are sized, marked and somewhat organized
makes the unloading and booth set up go a bit easier

love the reflection of the grain bins in the truck window ...

the Gansen's grow extremely large fungi -- the puffball was the size of a deflated basketball

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fresh air is good ...

beautiful day/night on the prairie ... I started picking for Saturday ... a load of Crimson Sweets .. huge ones ... I'm not one for posing shots ... so the open shed is in the upper background ... an old dump truck, Fergie - the new tractor, the old M tractor, the motorhome and freshly mowed grass -- weeds.

I was picking at the south end -- amid the sand burrs -- they are so thick down here event the deer stay out ...

had a little snack break -- New Queen -- dang tasty.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

holy shit it's Wednesday

Since the elders left town on Saturday -- I've been on the move ....

Saturday -- Farmers Market/City Cousins/late night events
Sunday -- laundry / quiet time at the cabin (with Auntie Joanne)
Monday -- budget hearings/continuing education seminar/NCHS Board Meeting
Tuesday -- County Board Meeting/continuing education seminar
       last night was a Shopko run -- low on tp and no paper towels at the office
       that certainly is a problem

there's been chicken and cat chores, purging (3 things a day),  twice daily treks thru the patch -- critter patrol is the name of that game,  payrolls, weird telephone calls and nasty weather.

the Donald called requesting my vote -- evidently the do not call registry is not working.

20 eggs a day!  might have eggs at the market on Saturday -- they are piling up in the fridge ..

the rest of the week needs a list

1.  Mow the freeking lawn
2.  Finish pile #1 on my desk
3.  Finish pile #2 on my desk
4.  Payroll 1/2/&3 this week
5.  Laundry
6.  Critter control (it's stopped raining)
7.  Closet purge (it's a disaster)
8.  Gas in the truck
9.  Pick/pack and load Market truck
10.  Find a new rain coat.

so, that is how it is going to roll on 3rd Street & Daisy Lane

Sunday, August 21, 2016

'twas a wet market ...

Saturday morning market was well, kind of wet.  Not a total washout but damn close.  By 11:00 the dripping stopped -- it was an annoying drip --
And the day continued -- a visit from some of the City cousins -- a mini bbq -- and more visiting
Sunday was designated patch and lake day ...
the morning started out very dewy ... 'tis the season

the squash blossoms are always in full bloom in the morning hours ...
a blossom on a bushel basket or birdhouse gourd ... extremely delicate amid the weeds.
and the garden shoes ... they took a hit this morning ...
So, after the trip thru the dew drops - I cleaned up, picked up Auntie Joanne and headed for the cabin -- we had pizza/iced coffee/fun cookies and sat on the deck and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon -- pictures are on my phone ... it was even a bit chilly ...
bring on Monday -- I'm ready.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

just breathe ...

If there isn't a song by that title ... there should be.   Overwhelmed by the little details in life today ... vacations do that to me.  The hazards of being a self employed control freak -- a couple of issues while I was gone -- like being gone for 1 1/2 days was GONE.  Came back to County budget hearings, department head meetings, P/Z, STMHC meetings.

I haven't seen the patch since Monday night.  The bugs were so bad I ended up running back to the house .. it was a sight -- i then needed a shower before heading off to P/Z ... I had 30 minutes.  Done.

It just started to rain when I got home from New Ulm last night ... and since I overslept this morning.   I didn't get out there.  Tonight.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  It rained ... don't know who much.

All my stuff from the weekend adventure is unpacked and put away.

Today's focus is getting shit done.  So far.... it's iffy.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

the crafting divas

 5 crazy women in a bar --
a place called "Chubbies"    for real ...
it was tasty stuff
the new key word for alchol is desert!

 first project -- 6" strips of kaffe fasset -- I added borders after the picture ... dark kaffe floral

a jelly roll pile of strips

and this is the jelly roll quilt ...
I think I'm going to add either forest green or dark chocolate brown borders ..
whatever I can find in the stash.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


So amid our little scrapbooking/quilting/crafting retreat -- Jan and I took a larger detour today -- we first went to the quilt shop in Rush City Minnesota -- nice place!   While plotting our next move a text message arrived and we then proceeded to find our way to Lake Minerva -- Danbury WI -- Jan the navigator and Marie the driver.

Had lunch with family friends and then had a two hour pontoon cruise on the chain of lakes -- it was awesome. 

We just discovered -- we have Keith's car keys -- we'll be going back to Lake Minerva -- tomorrow -- bright and early! 

Friday, August 12, 2016

the scrapping divas and I have arrived

after a few mishaps (normal for us) we have arrived in lovely downtown Pine City Minnesota.

Been to WalMart once and headed back for an extended shopping trip this afternoon.

Some of my first quilt project blocks are done...and once I finish typing this I'm going back to work on the last 10 ...


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ready set go

so the time has come for the scrapping divas and I to travel.  in order for that to occur ...

1.  office lawn must be mowed
2.  work must be done
3.  projects packed
4.  tools packed (yes the Bernina is traveling)
5.  clothes washed & packed
6.  stuff packed -- the books, the music, the munchies
7.  technology must be packed
8.  lists must be made
        a.  project to finish
        b.  other stuff -- like campaign stuff
        c.  maps
        d.  cash
        e.  guidelines for life
9.  line up a babysitter for the patch\
       since it rained on Tuesday and rain is in the forecast tonight ... Dad will be in charge of critter control -- ( oh my)  so I've moved vines and made trails so he and his sprayer can drive around - hopefully without running down too much
10.  Meg is covering the office.
        but I spent an hour cleaning - it should look good when I return.

good grief - I gotta learn to relax --


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

dear iPod

please phone home -- or better yet find your way back to my stash of electronics.  life without you is very very quiet.

I even drove back to the cabin to find you -- alas you weren't there.  it was quite nice out on the lake this evening -- but I could not stay.

I CANNOT go on vacation without you.

love you and miss you ....


I was watching the Olympics (aren't they fantastic) and reached for my yarn bag ... and what did I find -- the iPod ...ahhhh

bring on the music!


Sunday, August 7, 2016

the weekend - calm after the chaos


the boat before it floated away and missed the dock/boat behind it (long story), the tunes and the beverage ... tunes/beverages are a must 

oh no -- geese on the move ... fueling up for the long flight

the calmness of the treehouse

yes, we grill, a lot, every weekend --
this meal was kiebasa, potatoes and sweet corn 

the trail/path down to the lake is filled with blooms