Tuesday, August 30, 2016


  scrabble may not recognize crap-tastic but I do and today that is all that matters. 

  weird schedule and mood/outlook/attitude lately.  I am a creature of routine and when it gets wacked I get easily irritated.  ya, crabby.

  Saturday after market was spent (a) cleaning out the truck (b) reorganizing the truck and (c) washing out the market tubs -- and finally getting cleaned up.  out for supper for Mom's birthday -- Perkins -- because that is the only place #1 will eat. 

  Sunday morning -- I FINALLY got to the cabin.  by 5:30 and the third application of bug spray -- I went home -- might as well swat at home. 

  Last night I discovered the freeking deer at most of my yellow doll melons.  I was pissed.  Really pissed.  The buggers went right down the row and ate.  So I sprayed repels all.  And then it rained.  Go figure.

  Today was a road trip to Princeton to a funeral/memorial service/sharing of memories.  #1 was driving -- I won't be riding with him in city traffic again.  End of story.  Missed 3 exits and made 3 wrong turns.  The end.  Got home and went back out to spray "repels all"  awful smelling stuff that seems to repel the critters.  After all I need to keep some of the good eats safe.

Hoping for a better day on Wednesday.  It certainly will have less drama than today.



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