Wednesday, August 24, 2016

holy shit it's Wednesday

Since the elders left town on Saturday -- I've been on the move ....

Saturday -- Farmers Market/City Cousins/late night events
Sunday -- laundry / quiet time at the cabin (with Auntie Joanne)
Monday -- budget hearings/continuing education seminar/NCHS Board Meeting
Tuesday -- County Board Meeting/continuing education seminar
       last night was a Shopko run -- low on tp and no paper towels at the office
       that certainly is a problem

there's been chicken and cat chores, purging (3 things a day),  twice daily treks thru the patch -- critter patrol is the name of that game,  payrolls, weird telephone calls and nasty weather.

the Donald called requesting my vote -- evidently the do not call registry is not working.

20 eggs a day!  might have eggs at the market on Saturday -- they are piling up in the fridge ..

the rest of the week needs a list

1.  Mow the freeking lawn
2.  Finish pile #1 on my desk
3.  Finish pile #2 on my desk
4.  Payroll 1/2/&3 this week
5.  Laundry
6.  Critter control (it's stopped raining)
7.  Closet purge (it's a disaster)
8.  Gas in the truck
9.  Pick/pack and load Market truck
10.  Find a new rain coat.

so, that is how it is going to roll on 3rd Street & Daisy Lane

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