Wednesday, August 17, 2016

just breathe ...

If there isn't a song by that title ... there should be.   Overwhelmed by the little details in life today ... vacations do that to me.  The hazards of being a self employed control freak -- a couple of issues while I was gone -- like being gone for 1 1/2 days was GONE.  Came back to County budget hearings, department head meetings, P/Z, STMHC meetings.

I haven't seen the patch since Monday night.  The bugs were so bad I ended up running back to the house .. it was a sight -- i then needed a shower before heading off to P/Z ... I had 30 minutes.  Done.

It just started to rain when I got home from New Ulm last night ... and since I overslept this morning.   I didn't get out there.  Tonight.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  It rained ... don't know who much.

All my stuff from the weekend adventure is unpacked and put away.

Today's focus is getting shit done.  So far.... it's iffy.


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