Friday, August 5, 2016

project week (yes accomplishments)

heat and humidity be damned .. it was project week around here and a lot of little things got finished.

1.  both vehicles had oil changes and service appointments ....
2.  eye doctor appointment is made
3.  shredding is ready for the shred it man
4.  batteries ordered for the ups's ... both went down.
5.  all but two of the payroll taxes are done!  feat indeed!
6.  2 pairs of shorts and 2 more dresses are done.

today's list ...

1.  mow the office lawn as soon as it dries up
2.  re-spray in the melon patch -- at a minimum -- the squash ...
3.  wash out the bushel baskets and tubs -melons are coming along nicely.
4.  lake time!

crazy mom is taking a sabbatical for the month of August and since I am so good at playing follow the leader -- but I think instead of the blog -- it will be facebook ...


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