Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ready set go

so the time has come for the scrapping divas and I to travel.  in order for that to occur ...

1.  office lawn must be mowed
2.  work must be done
3.  projects packed
4.  tools packed (yes the Bernina is traveling)
5.  clothes washed & packed
6.  stuff packed -- the books, the music, the munchies
7.  technology must be packed
8.  lists must be made
        a.  project to finish
        b.  other stuff -- like campaign stuff
        c.  maps
        d.  cash
        e.  guidelines for life
9.  line up a babysitter for the patch\
       since it rained on Tuesday and rain is in the forecast tonight ... Dad will be in charge of critter control -- ( oh my)  so I've moved vines and made trails so he and his sprayer can drive around - hopefully without running down too much
10.  Meg is covering the office.
        but I spent an hour cleaning - it should look good when I return.

good grief - I gotta learn to relax --


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