Friday, August 5, 2016


SQL databases are freeking evil things. 

My software decided not to speak to the SQL database today.  Because Microsoft upgraded the antivirus software and the two don't play well together.

Had to find the geek who worked on it last.  Took a while.  He's a lifesaver.

I paced.
He worked.

In the end he got it up and running.

Saturday additions....

So after all the pacing/stress/frustration  --  I came home ... the entire patch got sprayed with repels all -- what a way to spend a Friday night eh! "pods" arrived so this morning I spread them around the squash .... then since there was some Roundup still mixed up in the sprayer I did a little weed control.....then -- it gets weird ...

I planted a row of cucumbers and 8 hills of zucchini ... if it doesn't freeze until the 15th of October I might get a crop ... they are in a pretty small area so they could be covered if needed ... we'll see ... I had the time, the space and the seed .... so

back to the shower and then the fun begins ...
a little office time and then the LAKE.... yes, LAKE in all caps.



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