Tuesday, September 13, 2016

and then it became weirder

 oh ya, it was Marie's Mad Monday ...

1.  driving around with the tailgate down.
2.  arriving an hour early for a meeting
3.  said meeting then running waaaayyyy to long
4.  never got to market in North Mankato (see #3)
5.  "no this is not Lagers" -- wrong number Bruce
6.  "no this is not Phil" -- wrong cell number Joe
7.  lost my office/government center keys
8.  found said keys but discovered the 3 blind mice
9.  mice in house garage -- Ruby parked outside last night.

 Today needs to be Terrific Tuesday ..... and I'm wearing long pants (as in dress pants) ( and not loose linen pants) for the first time since early May.  DO NOT like wearing long pants ....

enough -- going off to do my Happy Tuesday Dance.


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