Saturday, September 24, 2016

another Saturday morning

picked packed and loaded for Market ... zee truck is packed crazy -- it's a disaster -- so set up will be entertaining.  lots of squash and fancies -- watermelon, which is coming to an end ... or certain varieties are almost done.  or the critters will get them.

 my garden shirt is looking pretty tough ... picking in the mud is hard work ...
it also has multiple applications of bug spray soaked into it
had to wear the mesh headgear again last night
yep -- the shoes are almost done too
15 hours after the rain -- Thursday -- (this was taken Thursday night) - and I still have standing water on the field road -- although it's a mud pit now -- drove thru it a lot in 48 hours.

this end of the patch flooded in June, July and again Wednesday night -- so nothing, even the weeds didn't do well down here ... notice the critter tracks -- the buggers are back at it in full force
I have picked all of the pumpkins -- they move in and started sampling --- between the critters and the wetness --- it's a bad pumpkin crop

the view from my chair at Tuesdays' Market -- me and my crochet hook ...

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