Friday, September 2, 2016

bustin' out of work

a client stopped in the office at 2:10ish and did a little business and then proceeded to ask me "what the hell are you doing working ... get out of here"   so I left the 3rd street office and headed to my outdoor office .... wonderful afternoon hanging in the patch

one never knows what's hanging out on my ATV ... melons, sprayer of "repels all" that white thing stuck in the side of the box above the tail light is a knife ... works.

the annual -- "how many melons can she put in one truck" picture ... it's a screen shot of my picking life .. dirty truck, multiple pairs of gloves, orange tent, dry rung hanging over the box ...

and this dude needed to get in the truck ... all 40lbs of it....


my goal this season was to pick, sort, pack and price in one smooth move ... well, it works when I can find a marker ... 

my shoe laces are full of sand burrs -- the native "blooms" of the prairie -- a stalk of them got between the tongue of my show and my ankle....words were uttered.  not kind words either
I tend to break out from their "bite."

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