Saturday, September 3, 2016

defining moments

  the morning news headlines ..

   Jacob Wetterling -- please let it be the end.  the Wettering family deserves the end.

   I live in a sheltered world.  I know that -- I like it that way.  those defining moments when everyone knows where they were when it happened.

  the defining moments that rocked my world -- a kidnapping, a tornado and some cancer.  No of which I could/should/need to control.

  My heart has always hoped for a miracle, my mind knows it probably wouldn't happen.  That family needs to know.

  keeping the faith with a heavy heart today .. if it isn't Jacob == it is someone else .... and that my friends is equally frightening. 


10/22/89 is a long time to wait for answers.

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Barb H said...

Amen, Marie. The family has suffered so much. They need it to end.