Thursday, September 1, 2016

foggy -- the early morning views

  I think fall is my favorite season.  But truly, I need another month of summer.  Just 30 more days.  It was foggy on the inbound commute.  Sunrise is getting later and later -- I think the weather dude said we are losing 3 minutes of sun a day.  Hate it.

  So the office was extremely quiet Tuesday while I was off road-tripping to Princeton.  Yesterday made up for it.  Chaos reigned.  WTH it is August people.  Chill.  5 messages on the answering machine after I left at 3:45 for a Mankato meeting.  WTH.  Chill.

  After 2 hours of R9 Budget & Personnel -- Menards was waiting for me.  After 12 years with the same 4' tables at the Farmers Market -- I invested in 2 new 6' tables -- I had rebate money to spend.  They look huge and are heavy.  Hmmm.   One is probably headed to the office (or the sewing room -- hello quilt basting!) ... time will tell. 

  More eating in the yellow dolls -- or so I saw from the truck on the drive by -- came across the field from the scrap shack at dark.  WTH. 

  On with life -- so it rolls.


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