Monday, September 12, 2016

I am such a dork

  I managed to drive the truck into the office via ... the slow route.  I forgot the tailgate was down -- my tent and a bushel of squash were on the tailgate ... made it all the way to the office and didn't loose a thing .... dumb dork.

  After Market on Saturday -- I headed for the beach!  A nap, finished my book -- pizza and new attitude.  At dark -- and the bug invasion I came to the office to finish a couple of projects ....

  Yesterday -- back to the beach!  The wind was fierce.  So fierce -- it drove us from the beach to the deck.  Needless to say -- the bugs couldn't land in it .. no nap -- but 6 winter scarves are fringed and ready for new homes.  A little touring and a little cleaning  ... a good day ...

  Tonight I'm headed to the North Mankato Farmer's Market -- we'll see what it brings .. me and 65 watermelons!


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