Friday, September 2, 2016

so they finally spooked me

  So last night I started picking for Saturday's Market ... I'm literally in the middle of the patch -- eyeing up the Sangrias and I feel eyes on me ... like lots of eyes.  Deer are oozing out of the cornfield on the north end.  Mama Doe and Small Twin 1 and Small Twin 2 ... WTH ....
  It was like the movie "Field of Dreams" ... in more ways than one .. after all, I built it and the buggers arrived.    I jumped, yelled, hooted and hollered .. and they looked at me.  WTH.  ((quit laughing)
  So, tactic 2 -- start the ATV and rev it up.  Worked.
google has everything -- love the movie Field of Dreams ...
the end of the movie where all the cars roll in was cool -- (thanks google) 
After my wild screaming banshee act -- I did manage to pick 3 ATV loads of melons ... some are tubbed up and on the truck -- some are on pallets in the machine shed and I worked out my plan of attack for later this afternoon ... need to get it all on one truck.  I was eyeing up Dad's little dump truck -- it's got a flat box on it ... it would hold more!  or hold stuff more efficiently.  Not sure if I really want to drive a 1991 Ford 1T dump box dually down the road -- it smokes and burps .. would definitely make a scene.  


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