Saturday, September 10, 2016

time to sell ....

Usually -- I start picking on Thursday night and finish on Friday -- that is the normal routine and this week was normal -- there was a few rain drops on Thursday and the mosquitos are brutal ...
Once the squash and pumpkin season starts (soon) I pick Wednesday, Thursday and Friday .... and depending upon if I attend the Tuesday market -- I sometimes pick on Sunday and Monday -- it's a daily event!
This is my first load of Black Diamond Watermelons ... they are huge and tasty.  Sometimes too large.   It's a lot of watermelon -- the picklers love the rind for watermelon pickles.  For some reason I have an entire row of them.  I don't usually plant that many -- 

Again, the obligatory loaded F150 shot -- she's got a load on her again.

It's a busy weekend in town -- Rock Bend Folk Festival is going happening -- Parents Weekend at GAC -- Sidewalk Sale Days and of course, Farmer's Market Day!
It is going to be busy and fun!

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